Four Possible Paths to Your Destiny

I am a voracious learner and over the years I have deepened my understanding of practices and methodologies that I think are truly transformational. Below you will find four pathways to healing and wholeness. They all lead to the same place. A place of connection, a place of divinity and place of joy. I know you already have access to these states of being. I am here to support you to fully embrace your true nature. Pick a path to find yourself.

The Coaching Path harnesses intuition, deep listening and a contemplative space to support your evolution and alignment in all aspects of your life.


The Innerlight Path releases trauma on an energetic level to integrate all levels of your consciousness and to connect to your highest self.


The Purpose Path connects you to a source of wisdom that reveals to you your pure essence, the process of transformation that you naturally give to others and the unique reason that you are on this planet.


The Ifa Path taps ancient wisdom from Africa to support your connection to source and your divine self.

The Coaching Path


The Coaching Path harnesses intuition, deep listening and a contemplative space to support your personal and spiritual evolution and alignment in all aspects of your life.  Coaching  is about being seen for who you are at the core, your essence. Much of the time that beautiful essence is covered up by the expectations of others, walls we put up to protect ourselves from pain or even from fighting for "our people" against historic and current day oppression. Coaching is not about the coach giving you advice. It is about the coach supporting you to find your own unique out-of-the-box solutions to challenges in your life. These  solutions harness the wisdom of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. 


The Coach Training aspect of this path teaches you and/or your group an approach and orientation that invites alignment, needs being met and forward movement. Trainings can cover skills to deepen authentic communication, dissipate conflict and address trauma in loving ways. These trainings could be for your staff, colleagues, collectives and/or coalitions. If you are currently a coach, Damon can serve as a mentor to help your coaching evolve to the next level. Damon is a certified mentor coach. To schedule a consultation session click here.

Damon is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and co-leads Leadership that Works' ICF accredited Coaching for Transformation Coach certification program in Los Angeles. For more information about coaching courses Damon teaches visit Coaching Essentials and Coaching for Transformation.

The Innerlight Path


The Innerlight Method (IM) is a form of holistic healing that helps people correct blockages and imbalances in their energy body. Damon witnesses you release trapped emotions, irrational beliefs, stored trauma, or unhealthy energetic connections to others on an energetic level.


In short as an IM practitioner I have an intuitive conversation with your higher self. Your higher self is the one that shows me what it wants to release and then you do the work. The witnessing is what allows healing to occur. Another way of saying it is that in spite of any unresolved trauma, trapped emotions or false beliefs I “see” you for who you are at your core—unconditionally loved, infinitely wise, connected to all things, always capable of both forgiveness and being forgiven.  As trauma is released and healed, all the levels of consciousness can be integrated into a sustainable-grounded body. Through this process blockages are removed on an energetic level, which set the stage for healing and possibility on the physical level. 


This work was specifically designed to support empathic and highly sensitive people (of all ages) to be able to regulate the amount of intuitive information that they receive AND integrate their basic, everyday, higher and universal consciousnesses.


We would begin with a conversation about what goals you would have for the work. I would then witness a remote session with you and at the end of the session, I share specific details of what was found in the energy field and we check in on how you are feeling after the treatment. Many of my clients find that IM sessions provide them greater mental clarity, emotional balance, improved health and ability to focus. To schedule a consultation session click here.


Damon is a Certified Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy Practitioner (IEBT). He also supports healers to develop their intuitive abilities and boundaries. 

The Purpose Path


The True Purpose™ (TP) process supports you to develop a direct connection to a Trusted Source. A Trusted Source is a source of deeper wisdom, something that knows your higher purpose.  Your waking consciousness uses this connection to gather information and advice, in order to understand the most aligned and purposeful way to make life decisions, both large and small.


First we discuss if this path is the one for you. This path is well suited to those who are in transition, have a strong desire to know their life's purpose and are psychologically healthy.  The actual process typically takes 10-15 sessions to get ego permission, download and validate information on the four aspects of purpose and create a purpose manifestation plan. When one knows their purpose they can make clear decisions on the work they do, the people that they have in their lives and what they are specially designed to do. To schedule a consultation session click here.


Damon is a Certified True Purpose Coach and Small Group Facilitator (CTPC). He leads individuals and groups through the True Purpose process. 

The Ifa Path


Ifa is the traditional spiritual practices of the Yoruba people in West Africa. The tradition is based on character attributes such as truthfulness, patience, honesty, benevolence, hopefulness, humility, dedication and understanding. Through embodying these character attributes one can clarify and purify themselves so that they can become more connected with source and their destiny.


Those who see this as a path to start with would receive a counseling session through divination with the Ifa oracle. You can expect to find clarity about relationships, jobs and life direction amongst other things. To schedule a consultation session click here.


Damon is an initiated Ifa priest (Babalawo) who helps to run the Ifa Temple of Los Angeles. He goes back and forth to Nigeria to study with his Oluwo (Ifa teacher) Solagabade Popoola in order to learn traditional Ifa and support the building of Ifa temples in the United States and the African Diaspora. He also preforms naming ceremonies, traditional weddings and cleansing ceremonies.

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