Ongoing Programs

Coaching for Healing and Non-violence

The core purpose of Coaching for Healing and Non-Violence is to bring the rigor of the Coaching Certification program utilized by Leadership That Works to 26 men that are peer educators, teachers, facilitators and mentors on YARD A at CSP Lancaster, the only prison in Los Angeles County. Coaching is an asset-based approach that uses deep listening, empowering questions, visioning, accountability and somatic work to support people to break old habits, to develop new practices and embrace change. Coaching skills, widely used in the corporate world and increasingly with nonprofit leaders have rarely, if ever, been taught to people incarcerated in prisons and jails.

An Interview with Sheila Azad and Damon Azali-Rojas about Coaching for Healing and
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InnerLight Method

The Innerlight Method is a holistic mindfulness-based wellness program that empowers helping professionals and organizations that serve children, families, and communities.  Practitioners facilitate access to and the expansion of every individual’s innerlight, to increase their everyday impact, prevent costly burnout and create systemic change. Certified Innerlight practitioners provide skilled, caring energy balancing sessions. All practitioners are meticulously trained in The Innerlight Method™.

An Interview with Sheila Azad and Damon Azali-Rojas about the InnerLight Method. To schedule an appointment click here.

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