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My Focus

Damon Gbuduala Azali-Rojas
Principal and Coach
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Since our inception, Destiny Coaching & Consulting has been totally focused on helping you evolve as a leader, a change agent and a spiritual being.

Welcome to your Destiny,


As a coach, priest and healer, I help spiritual seekers with a social conscience connect heaven and earth.


When we feel bound in our relationships, in a confused fog about what’s next, grasping for what will make us feel whole, we often try to look outside of ourselves for the answers—a new job/organization, a new partner, a cute new pair of shoes (that were on sale)—all in an attempt to satiate the pit of emptiness and hunger. In times like these we must connect to our needs and CTL+ALT+DEL our sense of balance. From inward understanding we can plug into something bigger than ourselves and connect to our purpose and destiny.


My training as a community organizer in South Central Los Angeles taught me to observe and assess material conditions—what was occurring on the ground and how to move those conditions forward to win social justice victories. My studies to become an Ifa Priest (Babalawo) speak of things happening in the spiritual realm before manifesting in the world. I try to live right in the sweet spot of awareness— between the metaphysical and physical, between heaven and earth. For some of you heaven is the influence of God, Orisas or ancestors. Still others touch this heaven through their work in social justice movements. My work as a coach helps harness the infinite that allows you to fulfill your mission and effect concrete change here in the world.


Through which ever path you first choose I will support you to find clarity and forward movement.  You will figure out what keeps you settling for the same old, same old. What has you giving up or giving away your power. You will find “what you are looking for” and find what lies beneath “what you are looking for.” Together we will seek out your truth and put it into action.