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Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation

The World's Only Coaching Certification Program that has Decolonized Aspirations Led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation seeks to uncover and rediscover traditional and adaptive ways of living out our value systems of expansiveness and liberation for collective healing. We do this in a way that leans into the innate resilience and traditional wisdom of the cultures of our students, while being aware of the default patterns of coping and avoidance that results from systemic racial, gender and class oppression. This school will be the  first and only coaching school that will not only teach students how to support coach partners (aka clients) to be their best selves but also to support them to be their best selves while detangling invisibilized oppression from how they show up in the coaching relationship, in their communities and in the world. 


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Coaching for Healing and Non-Violence

Coaching skills, widely used in the corporate world and increasingly with nonprofit leaders have rarely, if ever, been taught to people incarcerated in prisons and jails. The core purpose of Coaching for Healing and Non-violence is to bring the rigor of a Professional Coach Certification program to cohorts of men that are peer educators, teachers, facilitators and mentors on YARD A at CSP Lancaster, the only prison in Los Angeles County. Coaching is an asset-based approach that uses deep listening, empowering questions, visioning, accountability and somatic work to support people to break old habits, to develop new practices and embrace change.

An Interview with Sheila Azad and Damon Azali-Rojas about Coaching for Healing and
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