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Sarah Jawaid 
Transformational Coach, Coach Trainer, Mother, Artist, Organizer and Muslim 

"Damon operates on a wavelength that seems to be in the space in between. He is so grounded in his understanding of the world, knowledgeable about systems of oppression, very aware of his identity as a black man and yet he flies above all of it in a place where limiting beliefs fall to the wayside and human possibility is at it's highest frequency. I've been a co-facilitator with Damon and he is often the one that is holding the container for the whole room. He picks up on the movement of energy, the shifting of atoms to such a high degree that he sees things others would miss. And this seeing is the very pathway where transformation lives. Damon's also an organizer which means whatever he teaches is grounded and knowledgeable about how power works. It's truly an honor to be at work and learn from Damon's soul. It's truly a gift. His striving towards the divine inspires me to keep reaching for my own which is basically the mark of a transformative coach."

Heidi Coronado-Olsen 
Transformational Coach, Scholar-Activist, Professor, Consultant and Healer

"Working with Damon has been a gift from the universe. Through his mentoring, coaching and intuition, he has helped me connect with my true self and my purpose. He has helped me embrace my gifts and see what I needed to be in balance.  I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with Damon, as his mentoring helped me in connecting to my inner power. Working with him has helped me in the manifestation of my dreams. He is supportive, authentic, humble, caring and a powerful light in the world. The work he did via the Innerlight method also supported my entire family and we all are eternally grateful!" 


Shawnee Shahroody-Spitler
Writer, Life-Coach, Nonprofit Consultant, Practicing Buddhist, Mother and
All Around Fun Person

“Damon guided me on the Purpose Path through a twelve week intensive of discovery and connection with my deepest wisdom and purpose. He supported me through a series of steps that led to more transformation than I could have imagined. He cared deeply and invested unwavering heart and attention as I progressed. He’s the surgeon I wanted at my side when I was going in for deep change. Damon’s intuitive sense and capacity to hold space for me was just the beginning of the process. Once in that space his vision, faith, insight, skill and charisma invited me to step out and embody my true self. There is no personal journey better than this one. He helped prepare me for the life of living my purpose. Every sojourner needs a partner like him that can bring the unconditional light and steadfast support to set them up for success on the path.”


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